Fishing Belum, Malaysia

Fishing Belum, Malaysia

Paul Arden | Monday, 2 September 2019

It’s going to be a great year for Belum Fly Fishing. I’ve just ordered a brand new D-Max 4x4 for airport pickups (hell my current truck struggles to get from Gerik to the lake and back - and sometimes doesn’t!) and a new custom 25x7’ jet boat, with cabin, toilet, shower, holding tank, full roof, solar powered fridge - the works.

We were originally looking for a houseboat, but events have led us to cancel or postpone this idea and instead provide something that can shift a bit, hit stumps (it’s a full aluminium hull) and where we can tie up protected from tropical storms. (I had a bit of a shock on the last week in Belum where we were hit by a full-sized tropical storm through camp that upturned one of my boats.)

We really want to provide an outstanding service here, guiding for Snakehead and Giant Gourami, training flycasting to a super high level, with great food and fantastic company. Also, I will have some Mahseer fishing options as well. More on this development in the future.

Belum fly fishing is, in my opinion, the most interesting, most challenging and most rewarding freshwater sight fishing on the planet. Everything else is dull by comparison. Hard fighting, difficult to catch fish, in the world’s oldest rainforest. It’s certainly got my full attention!! There is absolutely nothing else like this.

We are taking bookings. 2000RM/day guiding. 500RM/night full board. DIY boat rental 500RM/day includes fuel and a walkie talkie in case you get lost. Penang Airport pickup/drop off 400RM each way, which is what the taxi drivers were charging. The Wet Season is coming up in November. We might offer a Wet Season package. I don’t know this time of year too well, so it’s a bit more exploratory!

Looking forward to getting back, but first I have to attend Stuntman Ronan’s wedding in Ireland and have a few days of fishing on Rutland with some friends.

I’m just back from a family holiday and triathlon in France. Busy catching up on Sexyloops fast. I have some jungle videos to edit and a dentist to visit. My dentist appears keen to extract a tooth.  But he’s obviously lost the plot.

Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul

*500RM is approx 100GBP or 120USD.