Fishing and instructing

Fishing and instructing

Viking Lars | Saturday, 28 February 2015

I get off from work early on Fridays, and the weather was nice, and I just happened to have the float tube, a couple of rods, waders, flies etc. in the car, so I went to re-visit an old winter-spot I used to fish.

The water was very cold, 1 degree C, which is lower than I thought. But we often caught good fish here in January-February, so that didn't worry me much.

Last time I visited this particulkar spot, there were several large musselbeds scattered across the small bay, but yesterfay, I only found small and few colonies of living mussels. And that's a shame. I don't know if it's a natural cycle, or if something happened, but musselbeds are insanely productive areas and magnets for sea trout.

The problem with the missing musselbeds in this particular place is that there really wasn't anything else to keep the sea trout interested. The bottom is mainly mud.

But it was nice to get out, nice to bend the HT 6 again and spend some hours on the water. I'll go back and check on it again in a fortnight or so.

Today I have a private one-on-one casting speycasting lesson, which I look forward to.

Have a great weekend!