Fish are active

Fish are active

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 4 July 2023

So that’s good news. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of one, so instead here is a photo of me. I’m thinking of growing a beard. And I have found two new gourami territories – they change annually, I’ve discovered – and there are a few snakehead babies around and some free-risers too. So that’s all very exciting. I have lessons booked for the next few days but I’m going to try to keep a few days completely clear this week for fishing. Full days of fishing and not just a few hours here and there.

I’ll be honest; I was getting a bit worried this year that all the fish had swum away to the Chinese restaurants. Thank goodness that’s not true. Now I need to work myself into a flytying frenzy and tie six flies. Two ants, two termites and two poppers. Let’s see, I have lessons tonight, tomorrow morning and the next morning.

A really interesting discussion about walking while casting on the Board. As some of you will know I have been experimenting with this for a little while. I heard down the grapevine that Mark (Surtees/Stoatstail) was doing this and I’ve been trying and getting good results with it. I’m thinking about utilising it as a warm-up routine for my “athletes”. (I do like the term “athletes” by the way. Many years ago my friend Jon Allen used to call himself a “flycasting athlete”.  I think he was being ironic).

Anyway definitely something to work on. Combining the all-planes short-lining exercises with targets and walking, I think will make a very good start to any casting session.

Alrighty. Swim, lesson, bike ride, flytying frenzy and there is a storm coming down the lake. Lots of afternoon storms at the moment. I love them. I also have to get into a video editing frenzy and upload my talk with Bruce Richards. It’s been so long since we talked that I’ve forgotten what we talked about. But I remember it being dark and mysterious. That was the lighting, not just Bruce.

Have an awesome day. And happy Independence Day!!

Cheers, Paul