First week

First week

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 7 June 2019

Short rewiev about first fishing week for this summer. It had some highlights despite difficult weather. This one will be short one and this time I have good excuse. I’m writing this on Thursday 6.6. which is our wedding day and we are having our 5th anniversary. So I’ll spent time with my lovely wife. My day went with consultation about fishing. We have some plans to built lake trout fishing place. It is long run but you need to start with something. But back to fishing….

Saturday was first day with really difficult weather. It was about 7-9 celsius with rain, sunshine, hail, rain, sun, hail etc. (with hail I mean small ice which is raining) Because of that we started our fishing day later than planned but it was good choice. There is still flood on river and graylings are in more calm water which we knew allready. Because of variable weather it was hard work to get them strike. Eventually we caught some okay graylings about 30 cm.

Sunday I went to test river which is just about 4 km from our home. I have never fished that but I have seen some nice graylings over there. Short fishing in nice sunny weather gave one strike.

Monday, guiding day. I had two guests and we went to river. They were spinners and tauhgt them some new teqhniques for grayling. It is quite simple thing, end of line you will have bubble and before that 2 side tippets with flies. That is clostest than you can get for fly fishing with spinning rod. We had great time and some nice graylings. Even weather was still chilly (+8 celsius) there was some activity from graylings and I caught few with dry fly.

Tuesday no fishing heavy rain and some reindeer herding to do.

Wednesday, test fishing for coming Tuesday. There is small river which I have been checking now and then. It has nice graylings and in the beginning of season when high water I can have trout also. I start from last current before lake to see how they have been reconstruct it. Current looked really good but no fish yet. After year or two it will be great fishing spot. After that I went about middle of river and tested few currents. It was great fishing with dry fly and really good looking stream and spots. Unfortunally I had to stop fishing just when it was getting interesting. I caught lot of graylings around 30 cm but I saw over 40 cm also. It will be my guiding target for coming Tuesday.

Thursday, origanally plan was to go fishing with Satu and spent our wedding anniversary like we had in our first date but…… I had to change to be planning this new fishing area so…..

And summer came in couple of hours. In the morning it was about 10 celsius and chilly but afternoon it was allready 25 celsius and it still is about 22 celsius and it is 9 pm. Tomorrow which means Friday when you are reading this we will be fishing and I’m looking forward to that. It is warm so graylings should be active and there should be first good hatching tomorrow.


Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika from Finland

Ps here is link for tvshooting which we made last summer.... just if you want see lost for big one, it will open in new window Ammarnäs tvprogramm

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