First sign

First sign

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 5 April 2019

When there is almost 1 meter of snow and snowing whole day, it is difficult to imagine that summer is coming. There is some signs that it will eventually come. One is that days are getting longer, daylight is starting around 6 am and ending around 8pm, so days are allready about 14 hours. So slowly days are getting longer and in some point there is no night at all. It is so close but so far away still. But first sign of flyfishing season is just behind of corner. It is first massive hatching which is starting season. That one is fast and furious, and also often shorter than others.

There is lot of fisherman who are waiting this. I would also but most of our rivers are still closed and the ones which are open are almost impossible to reach because of snow. Even it is not possible to go flyfishing this hatching is also making icefishing better. If you are icefishing near river mouth this hatching will make your day.

So what is this mysterious hatching which is happening in middle of snow and in arctic surrounding. It is hankikorri, snow creepy-crawly. Now I have to say that I have no idea is translation is right because this is something that kuukkeli (google) translation didn’t know. But it is Taeniopteryx nebulosa. Now you can google it. Hatching is normally happening around mid April and it could be only few days depending about weather. But most of time it can stay a week or more. It is great start for flyfishing because trouts are getting active after wintertime, even the big ones will come but it could take week or so that they will arrive after first signs of this hatching. And also graylings like this ones.

About 200 km south from here in Kuhmo they have this hankikorri- viikko. It is snow creepy-crawly week and it is about time when hatching should be at it’s best in that area. This year it is 12.-21.4. They have some programm and after flyfishing party, but most important thing is flyfishing in various streams around Kuhmo and also flytying sessions. Like last year they have also in this year Hans van Klinken coming and giving some tying sessions and tip how to fish with famous klinkhammer.

Maybe I should try to find day or two and start my season over there. Those streams are familiar to me because I have fish them allready in age of 6.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika from Finland

Ps. Photos are from web, different sites in Finland. I could’t find my own photos about subject. Sorry.

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