First HT5s!!

First HT5s!!

Paul Arden | Sunday, 10 April 2022

The first HT5s have been shipped! Yay! A couple to Australia (Tasmania) and one off to Canada. More being delivered this week. That’s great and it is an amazing rod, as you would no doubt expect! We have Hungarian Latohegy Orange Reel spacers somewhere between Hungary and the UK. Hopefully those will arrive early this week, because we have three rods requiring them. This is the year of the HT5!

It’s going to be a busy summer for me. I’ve been asked for 10’ rods, that I’m working on (something’s going to be a little bit different there – but I shall tell you about that later!). I have also been asked many times for a HT9 and so that’s another one to be developed. I have a DHD coming for me… I must chase that up because I’m planning on learning this double handed art properly. :))

Incidentally if you haven’t heard, then the World Championships in flycasting will be held in Norway in August of this year. I’m not sure that everyone has heard, so please spread the word! I’ll be sending out emails and messages tonight. I’m looking forward to catching up again with so many friends and so many years of travel restrictions.

I’ll be using the HT10 (Comp5 V2) for 5WT distance. The new HT5 for Trout Accuracy and I have a Sexyloops prototype T27 for that event.

At the end of the month, Dirk comes over. My first international guest in over two years! Dirk wants to fish in his own boat (The Ronan) and has been here enough to know how to do this successfully. Both the outboard and thruster needed replacing, so I bought a new Yamaha 15HP last week and am running it in now in preparation. I haven’t been able to find a Minn Kota thruster motor anywhere in Malaysia. So I’m most likely going to have to buy a cheap one – I’ve always had problems with cheap electric motors but hopefully it will be good enough for at least a couple of trips!

Back Tuesday with a long-awaited video for Nick.

Cheers, Paul