First date

First date

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 1 February 2019

June 2008, I had one week off from work (Finnish Army). I was tired after hard spring and start of summer. I was talking with my friend about that and he gave a great idea, go to Kuusamo for long weekend and fish and after that fish more. We had lodge (in fact army has lodge we could use ) so I bought idea and rent that lodge for few days. When driving to Kuusamo, I was living in Kajaani about 250 km from Kuusamo, I was rolling a dice if I would call to Satu or not. We had been chatting about 2 weeks and I was wondering if she would like to meet. I got right numbers and I gave a call.

She was just about move back to the reindeer farm so she didn’t much time to meet and I had to rush to lodge and fishing. But we agreed to have short face to face meeting when I was passing by. I’m a gentleman (I like to think so), so I bought some flowers to her and we had short talk in her old aparment with her kids. Then I had to go…. Fishing, but we agreed that she would come on next day to lodge and we would have a date.


I arrived to lodge and bought fishing licenses to Kuusinki river. I had been fishing there since 1998 and I have kind of love and hate relationship with Kuusinki river. Fishing is always at least okay but… because there is one damn which is controllling water… well sometimes water level and river enviroment is not so pretty. Anyway I went fishing on neck which has always be nice to me and nowadays it is one of my favourite spots for good size grayling. I had okay fishing and after few hours it was time go back to lodge and have a sauna.


Next morning I had long sleep and then I head to local fishing store to do check it and maybe find some tips. What I found was new reel, rod but most important I found new friend from there also and since that we have had some nice memories together. (Pertti, there is FP salmon and cat about us). I spent few hours in shop and then head back to lodge.


Satu was about to come soon. When she arrived we talked shortly and then I gave rod to her hand. (fly rod, you sick bastards) I taught basic to her about casting. When she started to get it right I left her to practise. She had never done that before. I went inside and start to prepare our dinner, at same time I could see how she was doing and she was doing fine. I made some moose tenderloin and striploin with morel sauce and some potatoes, some basic easy food to prepare. When I was done she had also enough training at that point so we had nice dinner with glass of wine.


After dining it was time to go fishing. We went to hevonperse, which is current in Kuusinki river. Hevonperse means horse’s ass, but also we use that word sometimes if we have lost some items (we say that they are in hevonperse, so we don’t know where they are) or some place which are difficult to reach. I told her basics about how and where to fish and I let her start. I went to up to bank to watch how she will manage. In the beginning I gave few tips put then I saw she got little bit frustrated about her mistakes. (she knew what was wrong and how to fix those). So I left her in peace and let her fix things by herself. I do that often with guests also because I have noticed that people feels sometimes uncomfortable when guide is breathing on neck. We had nice fishing session and Satu got first bite of flyfishing. And also she got idea what is my passion, but I know that on that evening she felt in love for flyfishing. After fishing it was again time for sauna.


After our first date which was basicly fishing trip we have been doing lot of fishing together and I have been enjoying those even those are sometimes more work to me than holiday. We have been cooking by the fire, which remains me that we need to do that kind trip next summer, fishing and spending time in nature.


This time no photos because the best ones are in my memories.


Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland.


Ps. Satu probably don’t even read this FP but I love her with all my heart and that will never change. And we will keep fishing together. Front photo is from year 2009 and Satu's first sizeable grayling.