First Cast Fly Fishing School

First Cast Fly Fishing School

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 30 December 2015

That's where the fish are!

We wish all of you a fantastic fly fishing year 2016!!!

We are looking back at a fantastic year 2015. Lots of unforgettable moments passing by in a blink of an eye. Many of our students caught their first fish on fly rod, many others caught their personal best fish on fly and some had even the opportunity to be in the middle of a double, triple or even quadruble catching moment.
All there is to say:
THANK YOU everyone for joining our fly fishing school. All of you made such a great year happen to us!
And of course a huge thanks to all the fine and extra fine fish who helped us to be precisely where the fish are!

All our best
Bernd and Marina

p.s.: Inbetween all the lessons we of course went fly fishing on our own. Having fly fished significant over 300 days in 2015 (not a single day without having had at least a casting session) we caught many different species of fish and some serious ones were included!

Just some of over 15 000 pictures we made in 2015:
flyfishing school bernd ziesche
fly fishing school first cast

p.s.: Hey Paul, you didn't think I left out a day fishing last week, did you? ;)
p.p.s.: Mate, you came very close this year! Pretty impressive number of fishing days you had!!!

Last week... (Christmas perch included)