Feeling kinda reckless...

Feeling kinda reckless...

Paul Arden | Monday, 7 December 2015

I was going to write about being in a fishing slump, but actually that's not really true. Maybe once it was - fish too much, running a season ticket, need a change? Hell we've all been there. Best thing is to ring the changes and fish a new species/location or else do something really challenging - i.e. big browns in 20ft of water; investigate something new. However, that was 20-odd yrs ago. Since then I've been travelling.

The question is what would I rather be fishing for?


Anyway yesterday I had a fantastic idea. A great way of tying all of Sexyloops content together. It's a large project, that will take me about a week to write. But instead of talking about it, I'm just going to get on and do it. Expect something exciting very soon!

Good stuff on the Board!
The best flyrods in the world! 

Cheers, Paul

PS the image above is what happens when you do your washing in Grik and all the driers are taken.