explanation and arse eye

explanation and arse eye

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 20 November 2020

Last week Mike was asking from Paul some things in FP. I started to think about the same issue and thought to share my opinion. Opinion is like arse eye, everyone has his own but from opinion you could get something useful, otherwise than from arse. (ass has two meanings, does that tell something about arse or animal).

When I was starting my guiding little bit 10 years ago I had case which made me think about same issues that Mike had. I got call from other guide who was asking where to take clients to fish and what flies to use. I was nice guy and told him where I would go and which flies and techniques I would use. Few days later I had call from some people and they want to meet me. I try to explain that we can agree trip on phone but they were persistant and meeting was only choice. So I met them, group was really unhappy about previous guide (same who called to me), they told me that he had showed area where to fish and some flies which to use. And with area I mean like 300 m area not a spots.

I did similar guiding once myself also, but that was that clients wanted to have it that way. I try to explain that it won’t work for them but they were persistant. I did it. It was two trips in one time, first and last. After that I have never done that kind of guiding anymore and won’t do.  I showed stones and spots, even place where they could see rising fishes. I showed exactly which fly they should use and explained how to fish that spot. I got payment and went home. Afterwards I got message that they got nothing.

People are calling nowadays, they ask about guide and price. When they hear price they might start ask about where you will take us, which fly we use, what kind of water we will fish. Good questions but tone will tell that they won’t take me, they just want my knowledge. Before they start asking they normally say that okay, I will talk with others and then questions are coming.

I also get call from colleague and  friend, his asking every summer where graylings are now, which flies to use etc. He has one group which is coming every year. Twice he bought me as guide to them and we got good fishing, now only my knowledge is what he wants.

In both of these last cases I talk something which is round as ball, I won’t be rude. My friend knows that he won’t get exact details and it is okay to both of us. People who call me and try to get info, well they might have great fishing by themselves or then not. Not my issue. But I won’t be rude anyway. If people don’t value my time and their own.....

Every summer I watch about 20 million cubic litres passing by. I help people and give tips on the river when I’m guiding, even to one who are not with me. I think myself as nice guy.

Explanation and arse eye have one similarity. The other one I don’t want to hear and other I won’t want to see.

Have a nice weekend and don’t be an ass!

Mika the Legend