expensive babysitter

expensive babysitter

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 6 August 2021

This week has been blast. I have enjoyed so much being babysitter. I never thought that it would be this way, it is amazing how we lost something when getting older. You could say life is catching us. When it should not.

Sunday we had some own fishing with Satu. It was first time for this summer so you can imagine how much fun it was. Fishing was great again, nymphing, dries etc. It was like playing around and no pressure to land something, even we did land lot of graylings during short 2 hours fishing.

Monday was first babysitting day. First in our lake, with 4 and 9 yrs old boys. Dad was helping now and then with younger one. First cast and big perch was landed. It was not easy fishing but we were able to land few more big perch and had some action with pikes and perches. In the evening river fishing with 10 yrs old boy. Difficult start and after finding right tools and spot we landed few big perch again. Great day

Tuesday it started to rain and it was continuing all the way until Wednesday evening, totally we got about 90 mm rain, which is a lot to us in one time.  I had to move planned fishing from Wednesday to Thursday because there was no point for fishing during that heavy rain.

So Thursday we continued with same boy who was fishing in our lake on Monday. This time it was river fishing. We had difficult start, there was some strikes etc. Water level has rised 20 cm from Monday and fishes were changing spots. We talked with other fishermen and they had same problems. After break and picnic I changed tactic and we started to fish with flies instead of lures. It took some time to find what graylings were eating but eventually I found right flies.

I have never seen same happiness and excitement in adult that I saw in boy. He was so thrilled and happy about his first ever grayling, even it was barely 15 cm. Second one was 25 cm and he said it was big. In fact he used word jäätävä which could be translated as huge or out of this world. Think about that when you have been so happy and excited about your catch, can you still enjoy those small things in your life. His happines made me so happy and proud what I’m doing. It will carry over even difficult fishing days.

Boys dad was so happy about these two days, kid was able to fish and someone who was able to teach him was looking after. Kid was even starting to think about career as fishing guide and I promised that when he is older he can come to see what it is really like.

I’m expensive babysitter. I have heard that few times from my guests. They value that someone is teaching and looking after the kid and they can also fish without worrying. I have always got payment smile on parents face and they are coming time after time again.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the Legend