Excellent Winter Pike Fishing

Excellent Winter Pike Fishing

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 20 February 2019

PLUS 10° Celsius, blue sky, low wind - all that in February, of course we travelled to Rügen island to fly fish for winter pike!

Last week I further studied the details of fly fishing for Zander. There will be more about it in my next front page next week.

Then over the weekend Hansi and I decided to travel down to Rügen island and fish for winter pike. The weather was brilliant and much warmer as one would expect in the middle of February in Germany. Fair to summarize we had a blast enjoying the fine clear and warm winter weather, while catching a good number of excellent pike.

The water temperature was between 1 and 2 ° Celsius and though a slow (and soft) retrieve worked best. We fished both wading wise and from a boat. Again most fish we caught wading wise.

I truly love to be spontaneous and take such opportunities to fish winter weather at it's best in the best fishing spot my country has to offer! Both Hansi and I agreed it couldn't have been any better.

This week now we finally will enter a swimming bath and have a close look at our line set ups, flies and fly movements from the underwater point of view. Hopefully I can come up with new details next week though.

I hope you all had a great fishing week as well!?

All my best


Some pictures of our last days...

pike fishing ruegen