EWF show

EWF show

Bruce Richards | Sunday, 3 May 2015

The 2015 EWF show near Munich is now history and appears to have been a big success. Over 3500 attendees and it looked to me like a good time was had by all. The beer garden was very busy early both days, the casting ponds were full, vendors very busy....

    That is all good of course, I was happy to see it, but for me the best part was being able to get together again with many old casting friends, and make some new ones. We did some instructor testing and 3 of 4 candidates passed, a good rate. There were a lot of interesting casting demonstrations, ably interpreted from English by Juergen Friesenhahn. That was a big job!

And, since Mark Surtees and Mike Heritage were there also, we had to have a long discussion about casting term definitions and casting dynamics. They were wrong of course....

It was nice to not be tied to a booth for once. Our European sales team had that covered very well so I got to wander, see friends, and cast with a lot of different people. Shows can be fun!

Next week, report from the River Traun in Austria...

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