Every inch matters

Every inch matters

Tracy&James | Thursday, 6 June 2019

I’m writing this just before I go out to do some distance casting practice. At the present moment I’m extremely frustrated with how I’m casting in competitions, last weekend’s BFCC meeting saw me confined to the ‘also rans’, when I’m much more used to podium places in most, if not all, of the events.

There were some excellent casting performances not least from King Bart who travelled over from Holland in order to compete.  He took three wins in the #5 and #7 trout distance events and the ST27, in doing so he extended his #5 record by an inch to 138ft 3in – so that’s twice he’s beaten the record in two visits to a BFCC meeting.  He’s also planning on attending a meeting later in the year where he will record a second score in each event and maybe take the BFCC Championship title.

There was also a record for Kei Okamoto in the accuracy event, taking the record that was previously jointly held by Paul and myself.  Kei also registered a win in the S55 salmon overhead with a great cast of 193ft; significantly further than anyone else managed on the day.

I should also mention Dean Bass who has become a regular winner, especially in the heavyweight T38 and T120 events.  His previous experience as a competitive surf caster is obviously paying off.

Also on getting an entry into the record books was Tracy, who mirrored Bart in that she managed to add one inch to the #7 trout distance women’s best, this now stands at 128ft 2in.  She also beat me in the #5 for the second meeting on the trot – confirming what we’re currently seeing when practicing together.

Finally, and I should really have put this first, the BFCC wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the efforts of the casting instructors who give a whole days tuition to the members requiring it.  Mike Heritage and Roger Miles worked their butts off – so many thanks to them.

I have 3 weeks to sort myself out before the next meeting, I have no idea if this will be long enough – from where I am currently it feels like I need 3 months (at a minimum).  

All the best, James.

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