Entering the Unknown

Entering the Unknown

Paul Arden | Monday, 23 March 2015

I'm back from the Jungle and entering a period of unknowingness. It's been a hell of a long time since I've lived and taught fly fishing in the UK, and I do know that it's now become very expensive - more than five times as expensive and considerably colder than where I've just come from! Neither of which I find particularly endearing. Still it's a bit of a wild card for me but not too risky. If it works out then fantastic, and if it doesn't then I'm going back to jungle fishing: there is a hell of a lot to be learned there, by me at any rate, and I have a really alive feeling camping out in the North Malaysian jungles, more so than in a long time, and the bloody fishing is just coming right! Anyway...

I'll be in the UK for the most part of the next two months. From now until the 20th May. We have the Scottish Meet first weekend in May (which is my main reason for being back! And I'm aiming to be in Denmark for the Danish Fly Festival. Between now and then I plan to fish the reservoirs in the Anglian Region and teach as much as possible. I haven't fished for Stillwater Trout in a while and it's been a while since I've taught it, but I've always loved the fishing and it's how I began as an instructor. So you can count on me being here between now and middle of May, when I fish Hungary, Bosnia and Croatia.

After that my life is anybody's guess! I imagine that one of three or four things will happen: a) I'll spend most of the summer fishing and teaching the UK. b) I'll get over to North America mid-Summer c) I'll get back to SE Asia and settle in for an unknown amount of time or d) something else completely different. Any of that is just fine with me! Just so long as there is fishing, outdoor living and a sense of not being tied down.

This week I'm busy organising tackle - neoprene waders and boots, a new set of reels, sinking lines, filling my flyboxes, sorting out the Sexyloops Shop. Next week I'm fishing for trout and can't wait!

Have a great day and drop me a line if you fancy a cast/fish.

Cheers, Paul