End of the year

End of the year

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 27 December 2019

So year has past again. Time seems to fly when you look afterwards. Waiting something to come and it is long time. Summer 2019 was difficult with weather but fishing was okay most of the time still. There was some periods when all good size fish had dissapeared somewhere. And you needed to work harder to find them.

Begin of summer was cold, and it last longer than normally. That made us fish with nymphs to find some okay fish. When hatching started end of June it was shorter than usual because cold and rain was coming again. Begin of July weather varied a lot and then around mid July heat wave found us. Weather got warm and hatching started again, and of course fishing got better. Also bigger fish got active and we had some nice time on the river.

August was best month, like many often. Weather was good and still hatches so active fish was quite easy to found. Also in August we got more bigger ones than earlier during the summer. End of the month we had with Satu weekend in Sweden which was tought but eventually we had okay fishing in there also. And end of September I had my own trip back to Sweden. And that was jackpot. Absolutely great fishing but I had to check forecast for last minute before making decission to go. I didn’t want to go all the way and then have bad weather on that time of the season.  I had luck that I could check forecast and also that it worked like that for me. Often you just book your trip and weather is what it is. That how it going to be next summer for us.

We have booked week in Varzina. And we did it allready 2018 so one and half year advance. What the weather will be? No idea but I hope the best and afraid the worst. In the end it doesn’t really matter, fishing is fishing and especially when you have one the best trout river in the world. Often we worry about weather and circumstances too much when planning fishing trip. Anyway it is quite rare that if you are fishing one week that every day is rain and storm all the time. So take what you get and enjoy your fishing, anyway, it is one of the best things that you can do with pants on. Next year will be exciting also because we have flyfhing world championship here in Kuusamo. So best fishermen from the world are coming to my home waters, interesting to see what and how much they get. I know that we have lot graylings and good size also. Unfortunally I can’t be watching how they fish. Our trip to Varzina is the same week, but that was only avaiable week for our group. Competition will be 11.-18.8.2020 if you are interested to come and see how best of the best are fishing.

Happy new year and tight lines for coming year

Mika the legend