Empty river

Empty river

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 18 September 2020

So our holiday/fishing trip has come to end. Like many good things in life in some point it is finished. Trip was dichotomous. Last week I told how start was good and I had some action with salmon. Camping was also great like always. Last two days were something totally different.

Friday when we fished some new waters from same river. I had idea that bigger fish should be in slow flowing water so search and found some water. Area was looking so good, it was like from textbook. Nice neck for dryfly fishing, some deeper holes etc. And what we got. Chip, zero, nothing, nolla, null…. not even a bite. I was wondering if fish have gone even deeper and slower water because of cold water, maybe they start to move earlier than normally. Also wind was from north but it was not that bad, leafs started to drop little bit. There was lot reasons why we had nothing but still there something anyway.

Saturday we checked one other place. That was looking even better than spot on Friday. Hard and cold wind from north, sun was shining between clouds now  and then so I had little hope that maybe we caught something. After 3 hours, nothing, no bite, no rise, NOTHING. Satu was still happy, she was taking time as casting training with new rod. She even casted longer than ever before and hit bushes on other side of the river. That made me also happy so I could give up with fishes.

Tuesday I was guiding in home waters. We had awesome fishing, not really big ones but lot of okay size and even more smaller ones. That gave me hope that maybe I know what I’m doing and those two days were just bad dream. Maybe it was weather why fishes closed their mouse totally. I won’t believe that river is empty after all.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland