Duck tape and super glue

Duck tape and super glue

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 29 November 2019

I have always hated hook holders on rods. For my use there are wrongly placed, too sharp and ironmade. Few times I have hurted my finger with those, So I started to cut them off if rod had one. I put line around reel and hook on first ring. That how I have always my starting line out when coming on the spot. Interesting to see how sexyloops get they magnetic holder work, that could be something for me also.

You know duck tape. There is nothing you can’t fix with that one. I have fixed waders, wading shoes, car glass, tent, snowmobile, rod etc. We call duck tape as jesari or jesus tape. ( I once met supermarket manager who called it as Guinea pig tape, he said that name is coming because you put tape around Guinea pig before shagging so it won’t explode. This one is so bad that you can’t even get mad)

Anyway if you want to have hook holder but won’t like iron made or those are wrongly placed for use. You can built your own easily with duck tape and line. Just take short piece of line, 0.25 or 0.28 is quite okay. Make small oval that you put ends up ( pointing rod tip) and then lock with duck tape line against rod. You need to have small loop outside of tape so you will have hook holder. This one you can easily place where ever you want just look that it is on other side that rings. When you put line around reel and then to hook holder it will do the trick.

For short distance walk I don’t use ring or hook holder. I carry rod and twist tippet around my finger (from hand, right, which is holding the rod) and then about 10 cm before fly same thing with my left hand and front finger. This is safety thing, if line or tippet stuck the tree, line won’t pull hook to my finger.

About super glue, I use it as plaster with small cuts. Yes I know, there is products made for that but those are more expensive and you can’t use them for any other purpose than cuts. You might said that it is not healty to use them on skin. They have also articles about wine, beer, meat, fish, chocolate etc that it is not healty and then there are ones which says that these are healty ones. Anyway I use super glue as plaster, when I have been able to make bleeding stop, I put some glue on top of cut. Super glue will dry fast, it is water proof, not stucking any ( after drying) and most important thing it is that it will keep wound edges together. This probably should say DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, IT HAS MADE WITH PROFFESIONAL STUNT. But I have found this really useful sometimes.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland