Drowing in the snow and ice fishing

Drowing in the snow and ice fishing

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 21 February 2020

Summer feels so far far away in this point. Last week I was snowmobile guiding in Russia and when coming back on Wednesday…. it was 00.30 when I finished snow removal. Thursday evening same routine and again on Friday morning. It is just snowing all the time, I’m hoping some cold season. During last weekend our friends from France visited us and we went ice fishing on Sunday.

In the morning we fed reindeer before taking snowmobile ride to our lake. After short lesson about ice fishing everyone made their holes and started to fish. Weather was kind of okay, but like usual on this time year fish can be hard to find and catch. Because there was no bites so I told what happened on December when icefishing. Same story which was earlier on FP, flying rod. Shortly, during having snacks on December fish took the bait and pulled rod under ice.

After that story I went to make new holes and trying to find where the fish are. Suddenly I heard some yelling from Xavier and I thought that now we finally have a fish, not this time. Xavier was lifting his rod and line and there was that flying rod on other end. He caught my ”stolen” rod and lure back, without fish of course. We had good laugh anyway.

In the end day was more like picnic day with family. I had to say that I was kind of more than happy about that. Sometimes is nice to spent time with family and friends and have a good time. Besides we fished but no luck this time. That is fishing sometimes.

Monday was again snowing, also on Wednesday and same will be Friday. We have now about 110 cm snow but because some warm weathers snow has packed, without those warm, we would probably have over 150 cm snow. I will be going on Saturday for 6 days snowmobile guiding to north. Looking forward to that because I can meet some old friends at same time.

First hope of spring is that sun is warming so you can feel it. It will come…. summer I mean.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland