Donald Duck, hello

Donald Duck, hello

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 22 May 2020

Hello, it is Donald Duck again, at least own life Donald Duck. That is how kids call me. I wonder if reason is that things just seems to happen to me. Last week I wrote about how I sunk snowmobile and we started to renew one room. Well, on Sunday something happen and….. our water heater started to leak. It was coming to end of its road. So I had to get new one and do some extra things around that. We were few days without hot water so we had to use pots to get some. Yesterday everything was fixed and everything is more or less normal. Jippiii…

This week has been great otherwise. Sun is shining and snow is going away. There is hope for coming summer. We still have snow, like you can see from photos but it is max 50cm anymore. Reindeer are roaming freely now and new babies are born. So there is lot signs of summer, FINALLY.

Do you know that Donald Duck is also fly, I mean fly for flyfishing. I couldn’t find mine anymore but I found one photo from web. I just to use it lot with rainbow trouts when I started flyfishing. In some point I just stopped to use it even it was really good one. And it will work also with trout and grayling, especially with bigger grayling. It is little bit like popper, surfboard or booby etc, but still it is nothing like that. You could say it is swimming fly.

I just have orange ones for rainbow trout but light colours and dark ones are probably better for trout and grayling. You know surfboard or my lemming fly, fly which is making splash when you pull line in. In that fly you have visor which is pointing up, so it will splash. In Donald Duck (Aku Ankka), you make visor down so hook will go thru foam. It makes fly as kind of wobbler.

Fishing techinque is gently. You pull slow from line so fly will dive, not too fast because then it might to spin. Stop and fly will come on surface, short break and so on. Often strikes comes when it is going on surface. The smaller flies works well with whitefish also.

Check the photo so I get idea how to tie it. It could be your panic fly or regular use fly.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland

Ps. Sun behind trees photo is taken yesterday at 10 pm. There is no night anymore.