Viking Lars | Saturday, 19 December 2015

December is not my biggest fishing-month, although it should be... But alas, december holds family obligations en masse and since I try avoid working between Christmas and New Year, I always have a ton of deadlines to meet.

But, there's usually room for an outing or two in the holidays, and I'm really looking forward to them - for several reasons.

1. I have a new craft to try out for the first time (try out properly, that is).

2. I have a couple of lines to try out - new "Micro Diameter" floating lines. Supposedly, an old wish has come true. I've said for 15 years that if all floating lines cast like intermediates, I'd fish nothing else. Floating lines with "micro diameter" does sound interesting.

3. And finally, a back-to-back-on-the-water-test of my two Hot Torpedo 6-wts. One's the "original" mount, the other a special version with snakes instead of single leg guides. I ordered the snake-guide-version, because I sometimes experienced that the connection between shootinghead and shooting line caught on the guide. The reason being, I think, that the line/connection and guide wire are purpendicular to each other, where as on a snakes, they pass at a slight angle (makes sense?). That and perhaps also because the wire on the single leg guides is a thin as it is. Lee Martell did a great job, of course, and the rod looks awesome (special all-black Viking Ninja no. 666-version).

And finally, the fishing has been really great - lots of big, shiny sea trout being caught all over the place, and I even have a new lake to try out. I have exclusive access, I have never fished it, no one has fished it for at least 15 years and locals say that there huge pike in it. Needless to say, I hope and look forward :-).

Oh - and Happy Birthday, Paul :-).

Have a great Christmas!