Dark Evenings

Dark Evenings

Tracy&James | Thursday, 15 November 2018

We’ve not been up to much lately, finishing work when it’s already dark limits our fishing and casting activities somewhat – I’m not a fan of this time of year. We did manage a day on the Dee last week and it was fantastic to find rising grayling in a shallow, easily waded glide. We took turns presenting small klinks in a stretch of water that was no more than 150m long, as outside of this area we didn’t see any rises at all. We both managed lots of takes and quite a few fish, nothing big but good fun none the less. Tracy limited her fishing to maybe just 30 minutes as she’s determined to rid herself of the tennis elbow that’s been plaguing her for some time now, this means no casting practice for the remainder of the year.

That’s a bit of a pity as in North Wales we have a great pitch for distance casting training.  From it there’s uninterrupted view down to the sea and the array of wind turbines off-shore tell you all you need to know about the expected breeze.  I think I have set at least 4 of my PBs on this field, with one (the 55g) being bettered only the last time we were up that way.  It’s reassuring to know that I can still get close to my best if I practice and I ignore the aches and pains.

We’re going to be in Wales this weekend again.  The river is a little high as I write but it’s coming down and the forecast is pretty good for the rest of the week, so fingers crossed we’ll get a day on the river – perhaps on Tracy’s birthday.

I’m sure these dark evenings will kick me into fly-tying action soon, but first I need to purchase a few bits and bobs – thread etc.  (I only use Gelspun these days as I like to tie my patterns down tight).  I’ll obviously be tying mainly bonefish patterns but I may stray into grayling flies – although the thought of tying on size 16’s and below fills me with dread given my eyesight. I’m much more confident with size 4 and 6 saltwater patterns, plus the odd 6/0 for cudas and shark.  Once I start tying I tend to get on a roll and knock out maybe half a dozen a night, so our fly boxes should be overflowing before our next bonefishing trip.

All the best, James