Danish Fly Festival and No. 666 HT 10

Danish Fly Festival and No. 666 HT 10

Viking Lars | Saturday, 25 February 2017

Next weekend is the Danish Fly Festival - one of the biggest fly-only shows in Europe - held bi-anually since it's inception in 1993. I attended my first in 1995 and have been to every single one since, and that's not going to change any time soon. I really look forward to the weekend.

I look forward to watching the casting demos, especially Charles Jardine's, who's our celebrity guest this year, and he kindly allowed us to use some of hs artwork for the festival poster (see pic). Charles' demos are always both entertaining, informative and often ever so slightly mad. Remember we had Charles on The Board a while ago? Rumour has it that Charles will be playing a demo tape of his rock band as he does his demonstrations :-).

The lists of exhibitors, fly casters and fly tiers are all complete and you can check them out on the festival website. Enough on the festival for now (and I do apologise for going on about - I promise that there will only be one - maybe two, more FPs about the festival - I di need to let you know how everything went).

Tomorrow I drive down to Fyn to pay a visit to a friend, Danish fly tying encyclopedia, Jens Staal, who's retiring after only 42 years in the tackle retail business. I think he was just starting to know the ropes, and now he'll have all the time in the world to catch all the fish, while the rest of us (except Paul and Bernd) work. Jens has always been helpful in sharing his immense knowledge (see, there it is again - the sharing of the flytying and flyfishing communitu) of flytying and flytying materials, so I have, of course, tied him a small slelction of my favourite North Country Spiders and put them in a custom made (by me) leather fly patch.

I'm axiously awaiting HT10 no. 666, which is awaiting Lee Martell to do his magic and turn the blank into a beautiful tool. To be honest, I really don't have much use for a 10-wt, and I've never really wanted one before, but after I tried Paul's I was intrigued. All the 10s I've tried have been saltwater rods with a very stiff (as-in-not-bending-at-all-and-thus-not-helping-the-cast-at-all) butt, and i know this stiff butt is necessary to fight big tropical species. Paul's is much less stiff and actually casts very well and feels light and crisp as the other HTs.

So I immediately found a need (see, a need is not something you *have*, it's not something that *arises* - no, it's something you create to justify getting the good stuff) for a 10-wt for pike, and I actually look forward to trying it. Not that I need a 10-wt to fight a pike, but an HT10 with a 22-24gram short(ish) shooting head should make casting *huge* pike tubeflies in windy conditions a lot more fun than using an 8. I'll also be able to fish heavier sinking lines. I'm looking forward to that and I hope it arrives before April 1st, where we can no longer fish for pike for a month or more. And damned if I won't need a new reel for the rod as well... Those needs...

I wish you all a good weekend, and I do hope to see a few of you at The Danish Fly Festival next weekend (remember T.Z. is there too).