Danica-time - still

Danica-time - still

Viking Lars | Saturday, 2 June 2018

The Danica hatch is full on right now. The hatch is peaking in these very days, and if there are fish in the rivers, this hatch brings them up.

The most exciting time of the Danica-hatch is the spinnerfall. Never was it more true that the largest fish make the smallest dimples when sipping the dead insects off the surface.

You'll often find that a trout makes good sized rings in the beginning of the spinner fall, but quickly it learns that the insects are dead and can't escape. When that happens it'll often position itself just under the surface and sip the insects that come along.

The challenge now is to present your properly - and very precisely. The trout has a very narrow when when it doesn't return to a lie or the bottom, and if you can't place your fly precisely, you'll have to count on luck.

And if the trout lock on to those spinners that vibrate like H... before they die - good luck. It's impossible to imitate.

The dun in the PoD is one of my favourites and it's simple to tie.

The guys at Ahrex Hooks have been good enough to publish a series of videos (there are three now - there will be five in total) where I show how to tie my essential patterns for this hatch. Check out the Ahrex Hooks YouTube channel - there's plenty of other good stuff. The spinner imitation will be up in a few days, I think.

All for today - have a great weekend!