Coupla' Flakes

Coupla' Flakes

Easterncaster | Thursday, 5 March 2015

We are having a true winter here in the Northeast - snow, cold, more snow. During my childhood it would have been my dream come true. Born in late December and growing up in New England, I adored winter. We skied, snowshoed, ice fished, camped, built igloos and of course played hockey. Anything to be outside in the snow - even shoveling.

Central Park snow lesson

Back then there were two times each year that I truly looked forward to, so much so that I would work myself into physical illness - vomiting on Xmas eve and the eve of Opening Day of fishing season.  You could have set your calendar to my stomach.
Not so much nowadays. I do still love the first snow with it's silencing and cleansing qualities, how it falls free-form from above, a theatre initially so quiet and sparse we ask, "Has it begun, is it snowing?" And then it is. Man-made theatre often takes such a different tact with it's amplification and drum roll announcements. The house curtain opens vertically and stuff begins.

The two casters pictured are headed to Turks and Caicos to get away from the very conditions they are standing in. Blue-man is casting a fly rod for his first time. His long time college pal, on the right in photo, has fly fished for trout... once. Add to that they are leaving in a week - typical of many I have taught < said with humor and as fact.  In their defense, they found out about the Bonefishing after they booked their sun and sand getaway. During our vetting phone conversation I asked if they were up for a challenge, for eye-opening frustration and perhaps some electrifying good luck. 

So we met in Central Park (NYC) to cast up on my instruction knoll. Things went well - their shooting line and Quick cast skills started to form. Then in it's usual manner the snow began, and before we knew it  they were casting in it. Just a coupla' flakes.