Viking Lars | Saturday, 2 May 2020

When it comes to connecting your leader to your fly line, there are several methods. There’s the now common loop-tp-loop, which has been widely accepted since fly line manufacturers began making small, slim loops (even if you can still makke them smaller, slimmer and probably even stronger yourself - maybe that’s one for another FP). Then there’s the Nail Knot and the Needle Knot (with the only difference being that you insert the leaders through the core of the fly line in the Needle Knot - on the Nail Knot, everthing is tied “on the side” of the fly line). In my fishing, all I use are loop-to-loop connections and Nail/Needle Knots.

There’s a handful of other knots used for those that fly fish tropical waters for big game (maybe we could persuade Tracy and James to cover that subject some day?). I’ve never had a leader-to-fly-line-connection fail, although I’ve had a loop slide together many, many years ago after a heavy snag. That loop was sewn and glued only, not spliced and I’ve never used that method since. The connection didn’t actually fail, the loop just slipped and cinched down on the leader loop.

There’s one more connection I use, but for my practice lines only, and that’s Dave Whitlock’s glue-method. This is with comparison the most elegant of them all, and I remember reading in a magazine article that Whitlock used that connection exclusively on everything from trout to tarpon. I know that super glue dries glass hard and it *will* break over time, so it’s certainly not a connectionI’d trust to last for very long. But I don’t doubt Whitlock - I’m sure it’s strong enough, because I’ve tried pulling on mine, even shocking them and I can’t break them.

The reason I like them for practising is simple - they pick up less grass and dirt… Maybe that’s a good reason for fishing them too? I don’t know - for fishing I’ve never really trusted anything that relied on glue only. I might use a little UV resin to smooth out a knot or something, but I always like to have a knot.

Have a great weekend!