Competition PBs

Competition PBs

Tracy&James | Thursday, 10 October 2019

We had a busy weekend with a very well attended BFCC Meeting; lots of UK and international casters, some who had travelled from afar. We started the day with the accuracy event that got everyone involved, though an annoying cross-wind led to quite a range of results. Bart had the best score and Larysa who is new to the casting competition world took the ‘ladies’ title – well done Larysa and look forward to seeing you at more Meetings. Mike H very kindly followed the event with a master class on accuracy casting – though some of us could have done with the brilliant advice before the event. I certainly need a lot more practice.

Many of the attendees took up the offer of tuition and kept our fantastic instructors very busy. The benefits were visible when so many of them entered the competition events for the first time; Neil and Martin cast PBs over 100ft during the 7# eventand the two ladies, Claudia and Larysa, cast brilliantly in both the 5# and 7#; with better results than I did when I first started competing.

It was lovely to see Mike M join us in the morning, he really enjoyed providing tuition and advice. Mike H supported Mark and Sekhar, then entered some of the competition events and amazingly took the S60 7# record from John R with a distance of over 133ft and then cast the 5# over 120ft – he’s still got it and is looking forward to targeting the S70 records next year. Perhaps he should join the UK Senior team too!

Bart travelled from Holland and won the 5# event for the third time, only beating Kei by a few inches! Kei cast well in all events and is looking favourite to win the BFCC British Championship for 2019 – this will be announced after the last Meeting of the year in November in Yorkshire. Jose from Spain entered for the first time, winning the B100 and hopefully will return for our next meeting. It was also the first meeting of the year for John R following health issues, and he showed he is still competitive with stunning results. James only just beat him in the T38 and also won the T120 and S55g – he was certainly casting the heavy gear well in the morning. Howard has also improved rapidly throughout the year and cast some PBs. Zhongxiang left his studies to compete and won the 7# event with a PB. It’s great to see so many of the regulars improving, generally this is due to the great coaching they receive during our meetings and also due to the hard work they put in to practicing.

I’m thinking I need to follow suit and practice more, especially as my next competition will be at the UK Championships in Cumbria. Perhaps I’ll take some time out to go fishing on the river Dee too.

Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy and keep casting