Paul Arden | Tuesday, 31 January 2017

I'm still organising another FP writer to take over from Jason. I'm trying to keep it in the USA! Anyway this gives me a chance to talk about the COMP5 V2 rod that we sell on Sexyloops. We've sold quite a large number of these recently and so I expect to see MANY at the World Championships in Cumbria next year - the date has just been announced: 16-19th August 2018. There are a couple of exceptional qualities to this rod, which while it has the stiffness of a 10WT rod, offers incredible tip stability even when massively underlined. The second special quality is the Torzite Titanium rings giving a far superior shoot to anything else I've tried. For the next SLTV 5 mins of Fly Fishing I'll drone shot a 90ft carry with this rod.

Now the more observant of you will notice that the HT COMP5 V2 is not listed in the shop! Yes that's right it's special order only. We don't hold stock of the finished rod, but instead hold the components and make this one to order. Acquiring a regular supply of these FUJI rings is proving exceptionally difficult - but we are managing!

There are a couple of build options, we have two different sizes of Sexyloops top grade cork grips, one is a small Full Wells grip similar to many other Full Wells grips and the other is a slightly larger grip that I prefer. Also you have a choice of Sexyloops Rod Pants in either Camo or Stealth Black. 

If you are interested in this rod, then please do get in touch - 

Incidentally for those who are waiting, I have yet to finalise the 7'6 #3 but I am close.

Have a great day!

Cheers, Paul

S this is the World Championships 5WT distance finals in Estonia 2016, where I took a bronze with the HT5 COMP V2. I was hoping for the Gold of course... one day! My great friend Stefan Siikavaara is ready to help if I blow the fluff. Thanks mate!!!