Viking Lars | Saturday, 28 January 2017

There are so many things I like about fly fishing: The cast, the flies, the gear, the water, the fish, being out etc. etc., but with the Danish Fly Festival coming up in about a month, I came to think about something else. The fly fishing community - and the sharing that often comes with it. Across borders, even continents, from all levels of society, men and women - when we meet by the river, only the common ground set the stage: The river, the weather, a nice fly, a good catch, a conversation about the mad bull around the next bend, and the only thing that matters is the common ground.

By the river, no one seems to care where you come from or what you do for a living. We talk fish! And I really like that.

I also like the sharing that takes place - sharing of tips, tricks, a good bend in the river, knowlegde, flies and much, much more. I've had the pleasure of sharing flies with fly tyers from all over the world for 20 years and I still do. In fact, on my desk next to me are four envelopes with flies: One for Paul, one for a Danish friend and two on their way to the US tomorrow - one for my old friend Ken Hanley and one for John Field.

With the Danish Fly Festival coming up, I also came to think about a box TZ gave to me last time - with flies in it. A beautiful wooden fly box with some of his signature patterns, It's the one in the POD. In TZ's defense, there were more flies in it when I got it, but they've been fished - a few chewed to death and more lost in trees. That's why one of the old Danish fly fishing authors wrote that when you give flies away, always give three: One to fish, one to loose and one to keep. When ever I grab that box and tie on one of the flies, I think of a great gift from a friend.

Whenever I send out flies, I always hope they produce a fish or two, but it really doesn't matter. What matters is that the one receiving the flies always seem to appreciate them.

I've helped plenty of fly fishermen coming to Denmark to fish, and never ever have I not received an invitation to join the guest on their home waters. I think, if I mapped them, I have standing invitations to fish all around the globe :-). Just today, i was contacted by a Slovenian flyfisherman asking about salmon fishing in Denmark, and I said I'd help him and his friend when they come, and instantly I got an invitation to fish with them in Slovenia.

And that, my friends, is one of the key aspects of fly fishing for me (even thiough I often enjoy fishing alone :-). And speaking of friendships - and making new ones - the perfect venue is The Danish Fly Festival (aka Nerd Central), which is just around the corner. If you can - come join. It's a great event. There's relatively cheap lodging in the area, and if the winter behaves, there'll even be good fishing in the area too.

Have a great weekend!


Thank you sooo much Lars. I am so proud you fished the flies I gave to you - wow. I am seriously moved.

I can´t believe it is already two years ago. Konstanse and I are looking very much forward to the upcoming festival. It will be a blast. It is such an honor being invited and given the possibility to learn so much. 

Cheers - Konstanse & Thomas

P.S. - smart move showing the empty box ;-) - we´ll fill it in 4 weeks, no worries.