Coffee Coloured River

Coffee Coloured River

Tracy&James | Sunday, 31 October 2021

This weekend, our good friend and fellow caster, Kevin from Jersey, has flown over to go fish the Welsh river Dee. We had plans to go to different beats every day and hopefully catch some stunning grayling. However sadly the weather has put an end to that hope. We have had heavy rain over the last week and the river is currently over 1 metre (double the height it’s been all summer), is coloured and running fast. More rain is coming in over the weekend so the river will continue to be unfishable tomorrow too.

So we had to improvise today – we went for a lovely walk to look at the river Elwy near our house (also coloured, high and running fast) and then went to the fantastic local fishing tackle shop. Kevin, James and I spent quite some time there, buying flies and other gear, and catching up with Renee and Sean about fishing. Then after a leisurely lunch in a local pub, we went casting with all the BFCC gear on our usual casting field.

The wind wasn’t particularly strong but we all cast 5#, 7#, ST27, T38 and S55g outfits. No timed sessions, just casting the different outfits and discussing tips for improvement. We did have the T120 with us, but after casting all the other gear, we decided we couldn’t be bothered with it and went for a coffee to warm up instead.

When you are reading this, hopefully one of us might have caught a bass, mullet, or some other saltwater species, as we’re going to fish along the coast to see what we find (or maybe we’ll just end up in a pub).

Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy