Coastal Fly Fishing

Coastal Fly Fishing

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Last week we still enjoyed fly fishing for coastal Sea trout on Gotland in Sweden. Fair to summarize: We had a blast with some serious fish involved!

All in all we did not have a single day without catching at least one coastal Sea trout within the whole trip. That's not usual in Sea trout fishing, not even close! Since we didn't fish all day long, but started late and finshed early every day, our catching rate per time fishing was outstanding. As soon as we entered the coastal water it didn't take us long to get our lines tight. The weather was just perfect all week long and so was the fishing.

I managed to catch 2 big Sea trout one of 4 and one of almost 5 Kg within just 3 days. That has only happened to me once before within the last 30 years. So I was truly lucky! ;) Usually when you catch a coastal Sea trout of that size you know immediately it's the fish of the year. Those fish never come in numbers but as single fish. At least fly fishing wise that is. If you go on trolling tours by boat you may catch some of these decent fish within a week more often.

Back home I went straight into the next fly casting tuition followed by some fishing for pike and pike perch after the lesson.
In the weekend I will run another 2 days workshopon fly fishing for coastal Sea trout in Denmark, before heading to the Skjern river meeting with viking Lars the week after. That (hopefully) means I will be joining Lars catching an enormous big salmon this time!? ;)

And then I need to create a plan how to make at least some time for some distance casting training within the next months since I have just signed in the German (one man) team for the world championships in flycasting in the UK in August this year! It will be a tough game for me since Paul and I will be sharing the same room during the whole event which means I first of all have to survive sleeping (kind of) next to Paul's socks. For those of you who don't know he can probably knock out all 120 participants from numerous countries with just one of his socks!

Anyway looking very much forward to meet you after quite some time, mate! ;)

All my best


Last week in some pictures...

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