Paul Arden | Saturday, 1 July 2023

It’s been a busy week of coaching for me and next week looks very busy too. That will teach me to go to KL for 5 days!! Big improvement today for one of my students. Today was a 170 day! Always a good one.

A lot of FPs from me at the moment and I’m running out of stuff to write :))) And I have to go swimming now and a long bike ride shortly after.

So I’ll send you to the Board!

Here is an interesting topic on those “oh shit!!” shots that I mentioned a few days ago. This is when a fish suddenly appears within about a rod length or two. I get that all the time here with free-rising snakeheads.

Funny I’ve taught this three times this week and my student today was the one who brought it up last week. So it’s now part of my courses and I’ll teach it to all my current students before the end of the month. :))

Basically it’s a Reach Cast and while you can cast and reach back, making the circular motion of the Snake Roll and then extending into a Reach is the best way to perform it I think and makes it possible to place the fly within a rod length. You can get really good at this.

Ok swim time. Have a great day!

Cheers, Paul