Closing trip

Closing trip

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 2 September 2022

Main rivers were closed on last of August. Some rivers are still open for grayling fishing. Fishing will be good still during September even there will be short time in mid that fishing will be difficult.

Last weekend was still warm and we did some fishing even it was not simple as covering from COVID, none of us were in best fit. Well kind of when you got tired, you really got tired.

Sunday we fished spot and river which I haven't been fishing for at least 4 years. We found out that on that point water was really high and messed and too warm. Satu got one 30 cm grayling and I got one really small one and lost one around 30 cm. So fishing was not good, otherwise it was nice afternoon, and we tested our built leaders, which are awesome. Thomas have recipe and I think I will steal it.

Tuesday we did one last trip before Thomas start head back home and river was closing. We fished one of my favourite spots. That I fish few times per year with guests, we go with raft so fishing is from "quiet" side. It has never failed us. This time we went on other side which can be reached by car, about 300 meters walk and drop to canyon.

It is quite fast water for dries and still there are few great spots to fish. As you have realized I have been turning dry fly fishing pretty much now. Why? It is exciting and also you really need to cast and do presentation. On that area there is one spot I don't recall fishing ever, not even going from car side. It is behind fast and deeper water and wading to reach has not been possible until now when I use wading stick.

I put klinkhammer and continued tippet from hook bend and had size 18 gnat type fly in the end. Heavy north wind, air temp +8 celsius, water +14 celsius (now 8). No rises and yet I was determined to use dries and surface.

It was good call. Right away I got strike and around 30 cm grayling up. Got some smaller ones and some heavy strikes. From that spot I landed some close to 40 cm graylings also and lost one over 40 cm. All with gnat, except two good size graylings and one really small.

It was time to go and check my favourite spot there. That is one which is always good when coming with raft. To reach that I had to cross river again, this time It was easier because with this water you can do it even without stick, still it gives you confidence.

That spot didn't fail as I knew. Great 30 minutes to fish, grayling after grayling, and all of them nice size. Biggest easily close to 40 cm which I lost of course. On that spot also klink was working even it was sinking about one inch. The biggest fish was funny one. I lost it after jump and didn't really understood why because line was tight, and it was hooked pretty well. Afterwards I checked the fly (gnat) and hook was cutted from bend just behind of body. For me it was time to call it off. I wade back to shore and have cup of coffee and snacks. I heard that Satu and Thomas not had success so much, some fish. Still it was great closer for season in main river.

Next few days will +5 and rainy so it is time do some inside building work at farm. And one rafting guiding tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing
Mika from chilly Finland