Closing the season

Closing the season

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 4 October 2019

After last Thursday I was pretty sure that it was it. For Friday forecast was kind of okay but not sunny anymore and much colder. I didn’t know how wrong I was on that time. In the morning I bought license on same strecth than Thursday. Also another guy was there. I will call him now Håkan. (name changed and Håkan is common name in Sweden). At had slow morning, long coffee in the GC. I was not really rushing to river because there was lot of mist and I had feeling that fishing is not coming until later.

Finally I went to strecht Håkan was there allready and we started to fish same area than Thursday. We saw lot of graylings but they were just laying in the bottom and had no interest about flies nor nymphs or dries. We kept fishing and Håkan yelled suddenly. He said that he can see grayling which is easily over 60 cm or it could be trout also. He told him to check back fin because it is easy to recognize it from that. Too late, big fish swimmed in the channel and dissappeared. In front of me graylings made slowly room for someone, big canadian lake trout came from channel. It stopped just three meters from me and I yelled to Håkan come to see but this time he was too late.

We kept fishing but nothing happened, still lot of graylings but…. it was not time yet. There is big flat rock just when channel drops and I could see that something came from deepness. Big brown trout around 70 cm came to show itself, just few seconds later another one came, just little bit bigger, maybe 70 cm. I yelled to Håkan that come to look there is two big trout in here. He came to see and we watched them few minutes. Then big canadian lake trout joined them. Trouts moved like starting to spawn but it was just probably foreplay. Then these majestic fishes swimmed slowly back to channel. We were stunned, it was something unique to watch, trouts were less than 3 meters from us and they didn’t give a fuck about us. I won’t have this kind of moments too many in your life. Weather and water was cold so we both went back to shore and had coffee. We talked about fishing and it might be that today it will be much later if at all that hatching and rising is starting.

After coffee break Håkan went back to neck and I went lower to try some other spots with nymph. Nothing. Back to coffee and lunch. I had long break and Håkan went to pick his lunch which he forgot on his cabin. Just before he was coming back I saw first rises for day in the channel, not big ones but something anyway. We had our lunch break and when finishing that we saw some more rises on the lake side. There was more and more of those. I knew that those are usually smaller one but I had to try anyway. It had been difficult and quite day. Håkan started to fish neck again and I went to lake side. Five cast and five fish, not big ones but something, biggest about 30 cm. I saw rise from bigger fish and kept fishing. I yelled to Håkan that come over here but he yelled back that it starting here also. And not long time after that I saw how he landed first grayling. I got one about 35 cm grayling from lake side and heard rise from bigger one just little bit down from me. I fished that spot and got 40 cm grayling. I saw that Håkan had more and more rises on the neck and lot strikes but he couldn’t hook them. I went to fish close to him, just little bit different spot than he was fishing. (also asked if it is ok). Rises and fish activity was even better than day before. I noticed that Håkan was too fast and furious on strike back and told him to be more gentle. He understood what I ment and he started to hook fishes.  We had awesome fishing when it started. It was best for this season, even better than day before and I thought that it was good.

About one hour and fishes were not rising so much anymore. Håkan saw some big ones little bit down from him and I went down also. I got some nice ones but I could see that fishes are not so active anymore and not rising for fly so easily. I was ready to finish and reeled line in when I heard big rise just down from me. I had fished that allready and there was nothing but now, Håkan saw it also and told me to try. Three cast and I got right line, rise. I saw back of the fish and fin. Big one, hooked and game was on. ( when I tell this I would do strike back move with my hands). I saw fish and noticed that it is over 50 cm, few minutes and I was able to landed it. (Håkan holded my net because I took it off too early when fish was not ready but I netted by myself anyway).  We measured it and took some photos, 53/54 cm grayling with dry. I was done for that spot.

Last fishing day was Saturday, cloudy and +6 celsius. Fishing was better than I was expecting, during the day I landed about 15 graylings, biggest one 48 cm and lot of around 40 cm. It was great three days. I was fishing last day by myself and checking some spots which I haven’t fished before. Håkan told later that he had quite similar fishing and he was happy also. I got thanks from him about giving some tips and advice when fishing together.

Sunday I drove back home. Clouds were hanging low and there was rain whole day. It was great closure for great season. I met nice people and were able to fish and guide with them. Now it will be about 8 months than next time to fish. I have loose brakes from reels and now I just need to pack waders etc. Reindeer round-up season is just behind corner and I will spent next few weeks on that work. Looking forward for winter but especially for next summer and some great fishing again.

Have a nice weekend

Mika the Legend

Ps. some photos about last two fishing days for season, note rubber band on my jacket.