Chop chop

Chop chop

Viking Lars | Saturday, 9 November 2019

When Paul got the first lumi lines over 15 years ago, we had a lot of fun with them and casting them in the dark was a bit of a revelation, even though they’re weren’t particularly easy to see and the luminescence didn’t last that long. We spent a lot of time running back and forth from the field to the big lamp to keep the line charged, but it worked and we had sp much fun.

Fast forward to a year or two ago(?) and Paul came out with his own DT 6 Lumi Lines, and although I miss the lumi Thunderbolt-taper, the DT-lines are excellent to cast and play with. The great thing about a DT is that you’re unlimited with head length in terms of how how line you practice carrying.

Being a DT which has a lot more coating and hence can hold a lot more “limi-stuff” the new DTs are also very much more luminescent and for the same reason, much more fun to cast. They also hold the charge for much longer.

And speaking of charge, I charge mine with this rather powerful UV-lamp (which also cures the c-r-a-p out of any UV-glue in seconds) hooked to a powerbank. UV-light seems to be much more effective on whatever the stuff is they put in the line to make it glow in the dark.

Billede 09.11.2019 10.16.37

But that’s not really what this is all about. When Paul’s DTs came out, I got three and I’ve already worn out one, and is on my second, but being DTs, they really last a lone time. And then a while ago I got the idea to chop one up and make a shooting head and/or a WF-line. I’ve made one with just a temporary connection to see how it flies, because in WFs I really do like a back taper - otherwise it’s just a shooting head with a permanently connected shooting line, and that makes no sense to me.

I just quickly connected the exposed cores of the lines and sealed it with flexible UV-glue. A back taper on a WFline gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of carry as it smooths out the transition between the thick belly and the thin, light weight shooting line. To (maybe) negotiate that a little, I used a 0.030” coated shooting line since there’s obviously no back taper in a cut DT-line. It does make a bit of a difference compared to a shooting head with a mono shooting line, but not much - but a little is better than nothing.

I’ll post a picture of the permanent connection when it’s ready, and I think I’ll cut the other half down to a shooting head and try it our for night fishing in the salt. We’ll see.

The PoDs a snapshot taken before I made the first cuts.

If you’re into casting, you should really consider getting a DT 6 Thunderbolt Lumi Line - they’re great fun, and if you’re the analytical type, they can teach you something too!

Have a great weekend!