Michal Duzynski | Sunday, 22 November 2015

Back in Europe everything seemed much easier. When planning a fishing trip I knew if I would be targeting Trout, with the possibility of hooking a Grayling. Other times I knew if I was going after Pike - heavier rod, bigger flies -easy. All this saltwater fly fishing business is giving me a headache.

When I know what I’m fishing for, my head, my mind is all clear and I FOCUS. Now with Bass fishing same story as back in Italy, I know when I go after Bass, so I don’t expect to hook anything else. I got one fly rod set up that works, few flies that works and here I am focusing on the Bass.

With saltwater fly fishing I have no idea what I’m going for. 

I got my 8wt set up, just in case 10wt set up in a back pack, box of all sorts of colourful flies (Clousers, Candies, Crabs, Shrimps, Poppers and more...) - please notice that I am describing my own experience and we are talking land-based fishing here; guys with boats have more access and are more mobile to chase fish...

 I am ready - and what now?? Got to the beach, next to creek mouth, or even nice wide flats and I have no idea what I am targeting, and not knowing that gives you hard time with line density selection, and flies to put on.

 As an example. I took my girls for a day on the beach, and without thinking too much I put a Chartreuse Clouser on (always first choice), hoping for a flathead for dinner. I hooked up something that pulled hard, and asked my wife standing in the water how big is this flattie - she said it’s not a flattie, it’s a fish with black stripes, and there you go I caught my first Golden Travelly. I would not even think they are there, well...good for me.

Any other day I have no idea what I’m doing while fishing apart from casting. I reckon not knowing what you after, is from one side upsetting, from another side exciting. Casting your fly out and hoping for the big pelagic fish to grab it... variety is so wide here in Australia.

I reckon the QLD area I live in (Brisbane) has massive fishing pressure and there is not much fish around. Further North, there is much better (I know this from reports) going on the flats and casting your fly to shadows in the water - fantastic.I know I have shit loads to learn about saltwater fly fishing, but it would be nice to finally catch something big on my own.

Two stories to conclude my FP, about targets...

Friend of mine went to Christmas Island chasing Bonefish with 7wt setup and Bonefish flies.
He hooked 20" Bone and while fighting it 20kg+ GT grab the Bone as a live bait and started unning and running, there was no way of stopping it with 200m of backing and the Bonefish set up. Lucky for my mate (he did not lose his line) the GT spit the Bone on the end.

The other day the same guy was fishing shrimp pattern on a sinking line in a deep water (I wouldn’t...) and he got this 80cm Jewfish (pictured above) - what a beauty!

Saltwater fly fishing - what a mystery...

Have a great week.