Cheap Sunglasses

Cheap Sunglasses

Matt Klara | Sunday, 3 December 2017

I’ve been under the weather for a few days now with what I’m claiming to be the worst cold of all time. My lack of energy and focus made this a perfect weekend to bring in a guest author to my front page slot. I don’t know anyone who is more passionate about steelhead angling and conservation than my friend Josh Mills, of Spokane, WA. I recall that we met first on some desert river many years ago, but I may be wrong. Josh runs a blog called "Chucking line and Chasing Tail", which is inspired by his angling and conservation efforts as well as his devotion to his awesome family and their adventures afield. So, with that intro, I turn it over to Josh.

Cheap Sunglasses

Minutes after leaving Lewiston, I realized they were gone.  Crushed.  Rolled over by the back tired and splattered into a thousand tiny pieces

My new Costa sunglasses had inadvertently fallen out of the truck at a mid-trip rest stop and later we realized that the "pop" sound as we drove away wasn't a soda can, that was my glasses not standing up to the weight of a Nissan Titan.

Dejected, I went full ZZ Top and picked out some terribly cheap sunglasses at the last place I could acquire them before the fishing began.

I hate cheap sunglasses.  I really do.

The sun was in full effect and the glasses showed that 12 bucks was probably at least 11 dollars more than they cost to make.  I know, first world problems

Still, this isn’t the first time this has happened to our fishing crew.  The same gas station sunnies produced a 3 fish day for a buddy who forgot his glasses at home

Maybe there is something to this in the world of karma?

Fifth or so cast into the first run and boom, a big time grab and go. 

10 minutes later, my muddler was slammed by this wild buck that took to the air 3 times

Ok then....

2 other grabs and one other hatchery fish to the bank for the day...

Maybe cheap sunglasses is where it's at?

God I hope not.

And, as Matt says,

Take Care and Fish On!


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