Chasing Toman

Chasing Toman

Paul Arden | Monday, 27 July 2020

The plan this week was (a) too write a FP about hauling and (b) to go fishing for 8 days before heading back into Sungai Tiang. However last night I took a four-day booking for teaching flycasting and Snakehead and Gourami fishing. So I have to go to sleep soon because I have to be up very early tomorrow morning! What I have managed to do however is edit last week's Sungai Tiang Mahseer trip video. But it's quite possible that I don't have sufficient mobile Internet to upload it. If it's attached to this page then you know that I was in the clear...

I have lots of projects on the go right now and am juggling my time between them. Last night I read Stu Tripney's "Jungle Blues" book in one sitting, and I found t to very funny and a thoroughly enjoyable read! It's a tough fishery here that's for sure. Jungle Blues is a really enjoyable romp through the jungle and I always enjoy Stu's humour very much, so if yuou fancy reading a book about fishing travel then I can thoroughly recommend it. Stu really was wonderful company when he was over here. Ashly did try to get him a date but Stu had a more imnportant date with a Gourami! You can buy his book here.


The Sungai Tiang 2 video upload worked! Well that's very interesting. Not least because it took about 1/20th the time that it takes to upload via my house wifi. I think I need to have another chat with my provider! 

There is a small possibility that I might be able to add a few more words to this page before it goes live. If not then I hope you at least enjoy our latest video! We are pretty good with tackle now - thank you so much to all of you who very kindly gave to this project. We will acceopt more tackle gifts of course, please do let me know if you have something to contribute.

We could do with some more cash. Some of the rods that arrived we got stung import fees. And we definitely need better gear for the lads as well as we need to start to buy camp gear for guests. I'm chasing down sponsors from the outdoors industries but cash ALWAYS helps!! If you would like to help then please do so here 

And finally remember - we have an amazing discussion forum with some tremedously knowledgable contributors. Currently I am flat out with several projects here in the jungle however these guys are always willing to help (and of course for me too it makes far more sense to answer a technical fly casting question on the Board where it will help others too). So if you would like to join here - - then please send me an email to