Chasing One And One Only Asp

Chasing One And One Only Asp

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Right now it's 6am and I am about to sit in a chair next to a small canal waiting for one specific large asp to hunt down some small baitfish. He shows up hunting every morning as do I sitting next his home and waiting for a 1 minute chance to catch him!


Yes, that one fish drives me crazy, every morning! Because he is incredibly smart and yet ignoring my flies independet of my strategies how I present them to him. Biggest problem is, that I only have one minute time before he is done and disappears again until next morning.

Last week I caught some asp, carp and pike. But every morning I started by chasing the one specific asp. He most probably was caught in younger age and knows exactly how to protect himself. His strategy is to slowly come close to a school of small baitfish and then hammer into them. For me it's of course hard (almost impossible) to imitate such a school of baitfish.

This morning now I will try 5 flies in a row. The moment he will show up I will put 5 small baitfish patterns right in front of his nose. With that strategy I could catch a serious number of fine asp last year. All else in my tool box clearly did not work on this one asp.

So let's see what I can do NOW!

I will keep you updated next Wednesday! ;)

Corona still keeps me in my home waters. Since my home waters don't hold much big fish I am truly happy not to catch that asp again, because he keeps the level of fishing high for me. I am really excited about chasing him by creating new strategies almost every morning!

Oh, btw. first time I saw that asp was last year! So he fools me for about one year now! Of course giving up on this fish is no solution for me!:) 

I hope you can enjoy some exciting fishing, too in these times!?

All my best


Some pictures as always...

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