Chaotic week

Chaotic week

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 14 July 2023

So I am running late as usually. The whole week has been a mess. This morning I had to jump almost straight from bed to rescue reindeer and move the others. And all of that end up catching one from forest and searching reindeer killed by death (bear).

Sunday was a great day. We went fishing with Thomas. Spot was something that Satu wanted to fish and it is nice spot with decent fishing. No hatching but we all fished with dries and surface.

It was funny start because I got rises on fly but no catch, fish were fast and I was slow. Or maybe they just rejected the fly in last second. Because when I found right fly there were more catches than misses. That is what fishing is all about. Mistakes and learning from those.

Session ended because I had to go to move reindeer from field. Well we were already kind of going back home even it was still some good fishing going. We have had busy month with reindeer and hay so you have to know when have a real rest and sleep. 

We had Einstein, Thomas's dog, with us. He is always with Thomas and I really like Einstein, he is smart. Otherwise it would have been mission impossible. So moved reindeer and back home.

Monday and Tuesday was hay day. And Tuesday ended up with machine damage. Then on Wednesday we went with Thomas (and Einstein), to catch a reindeer and when I failed that we had to move them. It was more like training Einstein, great day anyway.

In the evening I had fishing guiding on our lake. Mom and son, total beginners, so we started from nothing and ended up that they went to by gears on next day. We caught one rainbow trout, few pike and some perch.

Thursday reindeer stuff again, herd reindeer, move them with car and search reindeer killed by car. Including flat tyre and broken turning light.


Life is never getting boring here. My plan is to go fishing tomorrow and maybe also on Sunday. Maybe pike fishing on lake, Thomas has new rod and hopefully mine will arrive soon also.

Week from now we are planning with Satu to go for fishing trip. Not sure where yet, Sweden but where. Maybe Ammarnäs, or Arvidsjaure or some totally new area, if you have idea and want fish with us, let me know.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing