Catching Proper Fish Is Hard work!

Catching Proper Fish Is Hard work!

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 23 October 2019

It really is. Constantly catching proper sized fish always means a lot of work pre AND post every single catching day.

This morning I started at 7am checking the weatherforecast, the water level forecast as well as matching both and our catches and no catches of the last days with all different fishing spots in order to make some catches happen today. It's an hour work to do so every morning.

Yet my plans for each day worked out pretty well. Fair to say we caught a proper number of fine pike in a time, in which most other fly fshermen and spin fishermen we met blanked totally.

Some first pikes on fly rod and some personal best pikes on fly rod were included here. All in all our week was again a blast of great fly fishing in perfect nature.

Right now it's midnight and I am putting down this fp before falling into my bed soon!

Physically I am living on the edge. My days are about 15hours of hard working one after another one. Mentally I simply love what I am doing and that is what drives me to the limit every day.

These days I got quite some messages of fly fishermen asking me for advice where to fish here on Rügen for pike. Guys I am sorry, but  I too have to work hard to find the fish. It's not that I just know it. We fish a lot of different places again and again. The big bonus I have, is that I have a huge toolbox of different startegies HOW to catch pike on fly rod. Usually the HOW to is much more important as is chosing the best fishing spot.

The best fishing spot is worth nothing, if you have no clue how to cacth the fish. Having said so, the worst fishing spot can be quite good, if you know HOW to fish in that spot!

Knowing the HOW is the biggest part of my job for sure. And yet there is always something new to learn out there!

Can't wait for the next morning. I indeed have something new in mind, that I need to test!

Great fly fishing week to all of you!

All my best


Some moments of our last week...

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