Catching flounders with the fly

Catching flounders with the fly

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 22 January 2017

As you already know I love it to fish for sea trout, but there is a funny flat fish that sometimes appears at the end of my line... a flounder :) Nearly every coast fishing trip I catch one and already got the funny nickname flounder-queen. Sadly I still have no clue how to catch them specifically!

I prefer fishing with a sinking line, so I don't need any weight on the fly. In my opinion it's easier to cast like this, of course you need more lines and reels :) But that's the reason why I fish a sink 1 line at the costline for seatrout. The same setup like my husband, but there is a magic way that I catch quite a few flounders and he don't Laughing

So does somebody know how to fish specific for flat fish with the fly? 

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