Casting Season Finale

Casting Season Finale

Tracy&James | Thursday, 21 November 2019

The final BFCC meeting of the year was held at the weekend, concluding a casting season that started in March and featured six competition meetings, two fly fishing shows and the Game Fair. Having a competition day, with all seven events cast, after the clocks were set back for winter proved to be a bit of a close call in terms of available daylight. It was distinctly dusk by the time the last casters were finishing their events and it was most definitely dark when we finished packing all the BFCC paraphernalia back into our car. However, it was a great event to finish the year on with perhaps the most stunning backdrop to a BFCC competition ever.

Once again the championship went right down to the wire, the new(ish) format of the best two results counting means that an improvement in a casters score can be made down to the very last event.  As it was, I went into the day 4 points behind Kei Okamoto, but drew level after taking wins in the T120, T38 (by one inch only), S55g and #7 trout distance.  With only the #5 trout distance to cast I needed a win, however the lead stood at only 103ft (cast by Mike Heritage).  Sometimes distance casters talk about the line ‘hitting a wall’ and this was exactly one of those days when, try as I might, I could not get a cast to go above 100ft (in hindsight I should have wound the back of the fly line on to the reel so the cast pulled tight and improved turn-over).  To make matters worse Tracy was next up and she also beat me, so I didn’t improve my score and Kei took the championship on countback.  Well done Kei – this year we’ll definitely get a real trophy and have your name engraved on it (alongside Matt Tonkin from 2017 and me from last year).

What was also great to see at the Yorkshire event was so many women attending for either tuition or competing (or both).  Usually Tracy is the only female entrant however this time there were 4 in the competition – I can’t recall this many at a BFCC Meeting before (perhaps for tuition, but definitely not in the competition).  Hopefully Larysa, Marina, Jo and Claudia (who attended a previous meeting) will be back next year and gunning for some of Tracy’s records. 

All the best, James.