Casting practice no. who knows what…

Casting practice no. who knows what…

Viking Lars | Saturday, 7 August 2021

I’m going on about casting practice at the moment, I know, but that’s what fills my head (among other things). And it won’t stop with this page. I have something to say choosing a practice line and even more on practice lines versus fishing lines. Some advocate practicing with your fishing lines - I don’t, but that’s for a later front page (unless I forget, which happens easily).

Today it’s about music and casting. I listen to music a lot. As in really a lot. I used to play music (the bass) and it’s still a huge part of my everyday life. I listen to almost every kind of music. As long as it’s well played, by real musicians, not attuned and by people who can really play. If that’s the case, I can stand almost anything, although I’m quite picky about what I choose to listen to. A weekly dive into my most played albums on my phone (yes, I don’t use Spotify and similar services - I buy CDs) you’d find everything from early fusion rock, fusion Jaxx, fusion-progressive heavy metal, classic heavy metal, big band jazz, blues, funk - and Frank Zappa (try putting hum in a category).

On the occasions Paul and I have travelled together/been together we always listen to and share music. We agree on some and on others certainly not :-). I believe I was the one to introduce Paul to Tool - on our Scotland trip (yes, I brought CDs) and I know he listens to that a lot.

Paul was the one to introduce me to listening to music while practicing casting. And I like it, but not always. In fact, I’d say mostly not, but sometimes I really enjoy it. I think it depends a little. Sometimes I’ll just take the rod to park, choose some music and doodle around with rod and line. A bit like walking the dog. But if I’m working on something specific, I tend to not listen to music. I don’t think I choose specifically something to match the casts I’m working - just what I fancy in the moment. Last time it was Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, the “Roxy & Elsewhere” live album from 1974.

I just asked Paul what he likes to listen to: “I like Pink Floyd for sweeping casts (whatever that is?), bit I play all sorts of music. Funk is good for speys!”

I think the one album I end up on the most is the Norwegian jazz saxophone player, Jan Gabarek, his album with the Hilliard Ensemble.

I’m wondering if/how many others like to listen to music while casting?

Have great weekend!