Casting Over 100’

Casting Over 100’

Nick Moore | Saturday, 20 May 2023

Well, I think this is the one that will get the most views! The funny thing is, once you’ve learnt to distance cast efficiently, it’s a relatively easy cast to make, especially in terms of actual effort involved. It doesn’t take much force to get the line out there, in fact, the less force you use the further it will probably go. Casting long is not always about distance, it gives you the skills to cast into the wind better, where the fish usually are.

What do you need to cast long? Well, how much you can shoot is determined by how much line you have in the air on your final back cast, for a long headed line that’s about 60-70’ of carry, but to boil it down, you need a tight loop and high line speed. Working on drag \\\\|/ or late rotation, coupled with a fast haul will see a massive distance increase, then it’s about adjusting the timing between the back and forward casts if you aren’t used to carrying that much line in the air.

Recommended lines;

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Scientific Anglers Mastery Expert Distance Competition
Scientific Anglers Mastery Standard
Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout
Rio Technical Trout 

Hope you enjoy the video!


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