Casting Days in Romania

Casting Days in Romania

Paul Arden | Monday, 29 June 2015

It's been a great weekend gathering again here in Romania and I'm fishing with Tudor, Lasse and a bunch of other good people today. Last year I fished the Romanian rivers here in Transylvania, but this time I'm going to fish one of the lakes, apparently there are some big trout to be caught and we shall see!!!!

Romania is a very beautiful country, the villages are rather similar to those in Hungary, as is the way of life, but the countryside is very different indeed, with stunning mountains, bears and... so far at least... small trout! The weekend gathering was fantastic, a very busy weekend of casting instruction, with many demos, drinking "Caster Beer" - 260 bottles of rather good beer but with a very ugly label Kiss - catching up with friends and talking bollocks! Good times!!!

Right... fishing!!! Only one day of fishing unfortunately, however next visit there is a cunning plan to fish some high alpine lakes. Many photos will follow and then it's back to the jungle Undecided Back tomorrow with exciting Pic of Days!

Cheers, Paul