campfire cooking

campfire cooking

t.z. | Friday, 30 June 2017

No fly tying today - it´s summer. Now it´s the time to actually use the flies. I am in the process of packing for a very long trip which will take me about 8 weeks around Norway and Sweden. I think. There is no plan really -- I will follow the weather and see what is going to happen. It´s an exploration.

Sorting through all the stuff I recognised that I am particularly fond of my small cooking set. Basically a coffee pan and a frying pan. No need for more really when campfire cooking. The love for that started over a decade ago when I was so lucky to be on a fishing trip with Stefan Siikavaara. He taught me a lot and I am learning since.

I like to eat fresh fish. Not much can beat it. I don´t buy fish or eat in restaurants. Just in summer when on a trip I take trout and grayling as diet.

Preparing trout in frying pan is easy as it can be. Gutt the fish, fillet it if big enough or just leave it as a whole. I carry a plastic bottle (a used 0,33l cola bottle is perfect for that) with a ready made spice mix of breadcrumps, pepper, lemon and salt. Cover the fish with that mix and fry in butter. For camping it´s very pratical to use butter in a bottle. It´s called "melange" here.

Grayling, due to all the shells is abit more tricky than trout. One can grill it in aluminium foil, but I do not like the meathod because of all the waste involved. Smoking Grayling i s another option. Small smokers are available pretty much in every hardware store around here. 

Cooking Grayling in water is an option I learned from the Swedes. I heard from some hardcore folks that one can even use the coffe pan for that method. Clean the grayling from it´s finns and scales and gutt it. Than cut it in three pieces and and st it in the coking pan and cook with saltwater. Place the middle piece of the grayling last. That way the finn sticks out of the water. You can check the "readiness" by pulling on that finn. If it pops out very easily the fish is done. Eat the grayling flesh spread over butter and salt on "knækkebrød" or "tunnbrød". Delicious.

Making a campfire when on tour is a "constitunional" right in Scandinavia. However, campfires are banned from 15. of april until September, unless you find an area which is obviously no risk and a fireplace is already developped. 

The other very important ingridient in a successful fishing trip is campfire coffee. One needs ground coffe, a pan and water. ... but I will keep this one for later ... have to pack all my stuff.

The stuff has to be thoroughly checked and some new gadgets added and some taken off the big list. New for me is a Lawson Hammock. This will be fun. I tried it the other day and wow -- what a difference this makes to laying on the ground. I will keep you posted on that one and let you know when I have fallen from the trees.  


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