Campfire Chat with John Waters

Campfire Chat with John Waters

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 22 August 2023

What an interesting conversation that was! It was even more interesting for me the second time around, especially having been part of it the first time. I’ve actually been playing around with John’s suggestions since we had our talk and they are inspiring.

It’s rather a long "chat" so you might want to dip in a few times or save it for a long journey. To break it down, I think we talk flycasting for the first 90 mins, then fishing for a while and then back to fly casting sport and John's PhD  

50 years in flycasting sport, and now studying flycasting distance technique as a PhD. Wonderful!!

Thank you very much, John!!!

I’m offline this week, guiding another Aussie (they get everywhere). That should be fun!

Have a great week and enjoy the video!!

Cheers, Paul