Camo pants

Camo pants

Viking Lars | Saturday, 17 December 2016

For your rods, that is. Did you see Paul's post froma couple of weeks ago about the new rod socks for the Hot Torpedos? Well, I did and I just have to have them for all my Hot Torpedos :-).

So I ordered them with Paul, and they arrived with the post yesterday. They're really nice - cool camo pattern (woodland, I think is the general denomination for this kind of pattern), nice fabric (not too thin, not too think), nice craftsmanship by Lee The Rodbuilder's wife and - no closure.

This is fine for me, because I rarely use the closures on my other rod socks anyway and especially when they're transported in the tube.

Some will doubltlessly say that they should be signal yellow instead, so you don't forget them in the woods when hiking to remote spots. But of course, this is all part of Paul's plan for World Domination - that we'll all forget our rods all the time and hence buy more. And Paul's then going to collect all the lost rods, give them new serial numbers and re-sell. As of January 2017, all Hot Torpedos will be fitted with a secret GPS-tracker for this very purpose. There - now I'm a whistle blower and will receive a visit from Camo Guy and his friends soon :-).

OK, BS aside - these new socks are really nice - a small, yet nice upgrade to the whole package and in today's picture you see my Hot Torpedo Pro 6-wt "666 Ninja", a custom rod I had built with snakes guides and a black reel seat.

The socks are for sale if you need one for your existing rod(s) - just get in touch with Paul, and I think all HTs will be delivered with this new camo sock from now on (but I might be wrong - ask Paul).

Have a great weekend!