Calling time

Calling time

Scott Loudon | Thursday, 30 June 2016

I'm afraid that today marks my final FP in my current run, one that spans a little further than I can remember. Perhaps a year, perhaps a little more. It's been an interesting role and one that really has made me appreciate the level of effort that each of the writers puts in to deliver new content every week.

That ultimately is why it's time for me to take a break. I'm writing this at 05.11 on the way to the airport for a work trip. I promise I'll be back however, once I address the balance on fishing in my life.

One of the most fantastic things that writing a regular FP lets you do is reflect. And in my case, particularly prominent within that, is the real point of fly fishing - friends. Years ago I used to look at Sexyloops as a frustrated beginner, through avid intermediate and respect those views of Paul Arden (Mr Sexyloops himself), Ronan Creane (a stuntman for heaven's sake), Jason Borger (he wrote a book, twice!) as well as Harps and Matt Klara who I used to follow with great anticipation of the next weekly digest. I still hugely respect the views of these guys of course but now I can call them friends. I've not met the entirety of those mentioned above nor everyone on loops but those I have are the kind of people you see perhaps only once per year or less yet catch up like you last spoke a week ago.

So here's to fly fishing, friends and a thank you to Paul for letting me ramble on here for a while. Next chapter for me - catching up with all these guys and fishing!

The good news for all of us is that I'm being followed by writers whom I have absolutely no doubt will deliver you fantastic fishing stories and theoretical questions that will have you scratching your head a while... but I won't give the game away just yet.


(The photo is a small sexyloops campfire with Paul and Lee too)